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Website translations

The Web is a constantly growing and changing medium that allows companies to conquer new markets and communicate more effectively with customers. Being present on the Internet with a site planned to advertise products, services or develop sales in more than one linguistic area is surely an important choice that should be based on a meticulous analysis of the characteristics of the target market, of its development potential on the web and of the concurrence characteristics and Internet presence.

If you decide to expand your markets, donít proceed blindly. Have you estimated the immense possibilities that the localization of your site into many minor linguistic areas can offer to your company? If you have already singled out one or more target linguistic markets do you know the quality and quantity characteristics of your concurrents on the Web?

Even you can create and manage successfully your presence on an international scale, demolishing every linguistic barrier thanks to our services.

Besides Iím at your disposal for law, medical and literary translations.

Law translations

In law translation you must transpose concepts in an understandable way, always starting from the source text, as law systems are not equal, referring to specific realities, thus not comparable according to an 1:1 equivalent . Thanks to authoritative reference tools and jurist counseling I can guarantee maximal terminological†† and formal precision.

Medical translations

The fundamental characteristic of a good medical translation is terminological accuracy, together with maximal scientific rigor.†† My experience derives from a strict contact with doctors and psychologists and has been gathered -on the job-.

Literary translations

I have always been a passionate reader and I usually write poems in French and German. My competence†† originates from a passionate love for literary works mixed with a great dose of creativity.

Quality and rapidity

I can guarantee professionalism, fast delivery, competitiveness and a†† deep knowledge of cultural and market needs.

Language combinations

Passive translation: German, English, French> Italian
German, English, Italian> French
Active translation:Italian >German, English
French> German, English, Italian